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Anne Minard is a freelance writer from Flagstaff, Arizona who is currently living in Alabama. She earned a bachelor’s degree in biology from the University of North Carolina at Wilmington and a master’s degree, also in biology, from Flagstaff’s Northern Arizona University. She’s written about science on the staffs of newspapers and most recently as a freelance journalist. Her work has appeared in the Arizona Daily Sun, Arizona Daily Star, Arizona Highways, The New York Times, L.A. Times, High Country News, Science magazine and National Geographic News, among other outlets. Her first book, Pluto and Beyond, was published in 2007. Anne’s latest project is a collection of essays about her clumsy, eye-opening acclimation to Southern culture.


2 Comments on “About Anne Minard”

  1. kevin rehman Says:

    I cannot believe you wrote a book! I’m going on amazon right now and purchasing it. It has been a long time since UNCW days and I see you have used that time wisely. Just wanted to say hi! I was looking for an astronomy book on the net and your name popped up and I almost lost my shit. Should I be expecting you on Science Friday any time soon???
    Way to go girl. I am proud. Can’t wait to read your book.

    Kevin Rehman
    I have a blog too (don’t mind my grammar and spelling on it, they are horrendous.)

  2. Dan Thompson Says:

    Dark Matter? No need for “branes” flapping about, vibrating coils of string or other universes no one can understand let alone explain. At the “bang” space crystalized into points of compressed space (energy) all surrounded by expanded space (energy) from a teeter-totter like action. The latter pulls at any two points (attraction) and some join into units around which others orbit in regular frequencies and amplitudes…which we can detect. Others don’t join or orbit but still attract because of their relationship with the expanded energy…DARK MATTER? The area between points, what we detect as mass/matter/objects would not be an empty vacuum of nothingness but, rather, a near infinitely flexible, frictionless energy, that is the conduit for carrying information of changing distance, thus attraction strength, from one thing to another, causing the same in our instruments, our eyes and even that which we don’t detect consciously. If we can seriously discuss those mentioned above we can include two energies, equal in strength and completely opposite in nature that could turn some mysteries into knowledge.

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