Welcome to Anne Minard’s blog

I am a freelance science journalist and writer and I’ll be building this site over the next couple of weeks. Stay tuned!

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One Comment on “Welcome to Anne Minard’s blog”

  1. Betty Jo Harper Says:

    I have just read your book “Pluto and Beyond”. I thought it was well written so that a lay person could understand much of the scientific astronomy things about which you described. I bought it at B&N in Flagstaff and read it in the next several hours. I asked why your book was not sold at Lowell Observatory gift shop and was given an answer I felt was insuffiecient. Carolyn Shoemaker’s “Foreward” is a wonderful introduction to your book and Carolyn is such a marvelous scientist and person. I have quite an astronomy background so really appreciated the book you have written. Too bad some feel threatened by an honest look of how it was–as you wrote it.

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